Lots of tails and a curious humpback

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We had two trips at Snæfellsnes in really calm weather conditions today. On our
morning trip, we spotted two sperm whales, and the visibility was so good that we could even see a
few harbour porpoises very well from the big boat. As we came back to the harbour, we were
greeted by a playful group of white-beaked dolphins. On our second tour, we spotted a lot of sperm
whales and saw one fluke after another go down to the depths of Breidafjördur.
Marie (Spotter)

The two tours out of Hólmavík today were also in incredibly calm conditions. We saw a number of humpback whales on both tours, more seem to have come into the fjord since yesterday. On the morning tour we started with a feeding whale that had so many puffins around it. The humpback came up a lot and was close to shore. Then we went and looked at another two whales and ended the trip with a very special experience, where a humpback became curious and came over to check us out. The afternoon tour we spent time with a number of humpbacks popping up around us, and got to see a lot of big tails coming out of the water as well as some surface activity in the distance. Judith (Tour guide)

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