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Iceland in January

Are you planning your holidays to Iceland in January? Do you plan exploring the wonderful nature in a rental car? We are sure we do not have to give you any recommendation for the famous Golden Circle and South coast of Iceland since those regions are widely know. But have you considered visiting the Snaefellsnes peninsula in the West of Iceland? This region of Iceland is very quiet during winter and you can experience Iceland in a very authentic way. Plus, Snaefellsnes is a wonderful region for winter whale watching in Iceland.

Iceland Whale Watching in January

In this article we want to share with you a few photos from our whale watching tour on January 24, 2019. We seem to be really lucky with orca sightings these days! Today we had to go on a bit of a search, but finally spotted a group of 5 orcas as they were travelling towards West. We got a clear view of the Westfjords as well and came back to a very snowy Grundarfjördur.

Is it Worth Going on a Whale Watching Tour in Iceland During Winter?

As you can imagine, January is quite cold in Iceland so if you are planning to join our whale watching tour from Grundarfjordur you need to dress very warm. We also recommend wearing one of the warm overalls we provide for free on our boat. Because of storm and rough sea we unfortunately have to cancel from time to time a whale watching tour in January (in case of a cancelled tour you can reschedule the trip with us or would get a full refund). But in between there are always wonderful whale watching days here in Snaefellsnes. We love watching not only the amazing killer whales but also always enjoy the impressive Snaefellsnes coastline including the majestic Mt Kirkjufell.

Photos: Marie Mrusczok (Tour Guide)

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