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Amazing Orcas in Snaefellsnes on January 23, 2019

We were yet again successful with orca sightings on today’s trip! We spotted several individuals travelling and socializing. There were three males next to our boat that were really playful, with one of them swimming upside down on the surface! Lots of tail claps and rolling around going on, too. We hope the weather will hold for more sightings in the next days.

Snaefellsnes Orca Watching in January with some Friends from Scotland

For us it is important not to only show our passengers the impressive Icelandic orcas but to also educate them about these very interesting animals. With our guide Marie, we have a real orca expert on board. Today she had the following exciting news about some individuals in the group:

The Scots are back!” – Today we had our first sighting of the season 2018/19 of at least one member of one of the groups known to travel between Scotland and Iceland. Guess who it was? Gunnar (SN068), the subject of our last Orca Guardians naming contest! He was spotted with two males from Roulette’s group, who are thought to stay in Icelandic waters all year round (Boromir (SN044) and Faramir (SN045)). There were more females and juveniles further out, and it is likely that also Mousa/Vendetta (SN069) was around, judging from one very distant fin picture we got. We are hoping to have more news of them soon!

Iceland Orca Watching in January

So far, January is a very successful month for us and we had already several impressive orca sightings in a row. We really hope our success for our Snaefellsnes orca watching in January continues.

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