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Iceland Whale Watching in July

July is definitely peak season for whale watching in Iceland and usually, there are wonderful sightings all around the island. At this time of the year, chances are pretty much 100% that you see whales or dolphins on a whale trip in Iceland. While the big whale watching spots such as Reykjavik, Akureyri, and Husavik are well known to almost everyone, in this article, we want to introduce a much lesser-known spot with the same or even better chances of seeing whales in Iceland.

Whale Watching Westfjords in July

Holmavik is a village in the Westfjords of Iceland next to the incredible fjord Steingrímsfjörður. For a few years, whale watching has been available in this remote part of Iceland.

What Makes Holmavik so special for Iceland Whale Watching in Summer

There are a few parameters that make Holmavik especially good for whale watching in Iceland. Here we list the main arguments for a whale watching tour in the Westfjords.

1. The wonderful whales

There are plenty of whales in the fjord during summer. The most common whale species we see on our whale watching tours from Holmavik are humpback whales. But there is always a chance to see other whale species. All photos in this article were taken on July 13, 2019. On this day we saw several species. We had a four species morning with humpbacks feeding, minke whales, white-beaked dolphins, and harbor porpoises also. In the afternoon we spent time with humpbacks, minke whales and a larger group of dolphins. We also saw some puffins flying around or sitting on the water.

2. Responsible whale watching in Iceland

Currently, there is only Láki Tours that offers unique whale trips from Holmavik in summer. That means there is only one whale watching boat in the whole fjord while at most other locations in Iceland several tour operators offer trips on several boats on an hourly basis (especially in July). That means Holmavik is a much quieter and more authentic place for whale watching in Iceland during summer. Instead of choosing between different types of tours from several tour operators there is only our wonderful and comfortable boat Láki II that welcomes you for whale watching in summer in Holmavik. Láki Tours policy of responsible whale watching involves respecting the world of the whale by approaching them slowly and carefully. We follow the whale watching guidelines of IceWhale and observe the whales with adequate distance.

3. The fjord is incredibly sheltered

Please have a look at the glass calm water on the photos in this article. The Steingrimsfjordur fjord is known for its calmness. The fjord is incredibly sheltered from most wind-directions, meaning we rarely have to cancel tours. Also, sea-sickness is almost unheard of in this fjord.

4. The whales stay close to the harbour

The photos demonstrate very clearly how close the whales usually stay to the harbour. That means we usually have to sail only for a couple of minutes to reach the whales. Therefore our 2-hour tour is one of the shortest whale watching options in Iceland making it the perfect trip for families or travelers who are afraid of getting seasick.

5. Affordable whale watching in Iceland

Iceland is an expensive country and we know that many travelers look for affordable tour options in Iceland. We are happy to inform you that our whale watching tour from Holmavik is one of the most affordable whale trips in Iceland.

Summary Best Iceland Whale Watching July

So if you are planning a trip to the Westfjords or the north of Iceland, we highly recommend taking this unique whale trip in a remote part of Iceland into consideration. If you wonder what else to do in this beautiful area of Iceland we recommend reading our blog about interesting things to do in Holmavik. For booking a whale watching tour please follow the link whale watching Westfjords.

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