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We had a good tour today in light of what weather conditions there were. We knew the area we have to cross to get between Grundarfjörður and Kolgrafarfjörður would be rough as the wind was on the increase so for a while we were assessing the undesirable option to turn back. However, before we did, we were incredibly lucky to meet a pod of about 8 Orcas just off the mouth of Grundarfjörður and they were going into the fjord so going back in fact suited us just fine. It’s hard to say what they were doing; it seemed to be travelling mixed with foraging from time to time. Among them was a calf that seemed very curious as it lifted its head twice out of the water to have a look at us but it was so unexpected that no one got a photo of it. No one got a photo either of when one of the adult bulls decided to do a full breach. He did do a second one as well but not as high up as before and most only saw the splashes. So this is whale-watching in its essence, you never know what comes next! As it was supposed to be even worse weather in the afternoon, we decided to cancel the second tour but were delighted to have been able to give our passengers what they had come for despite the weather.

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