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10/2/2014 – At last a good weather day after a windy weekend and so we went on two tours with a full boat. On the morning tour we encountered dolphins twice but each time they were few and dispersed and seemed preoccupied with foraging so we didn’t spend much time with them but continued over to Kolgrafafjörður. There we had the good fortune of seeing what the crew think were at least 20-30 Orcas dispersed in several corners. We mostly followed a pod of 5-6 around the mouth of the fjord. Then on the way out we encountered a joining pod that included a young calf, recognizable as its white skin patches were still rather yellowish. On the afternoon tour we weren’t as lucky though as the whales had all moved under the bridge after we left and so the fjord was empty. However, many went out to the bridge to see them after the tour.

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