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31/3/2014 – We gathered that the Orcas had been feeding in Kolgrafarfjörður since early this morning when we arrived around 14:00. Assuming they would soon be ‘fed up’ and about to leave, we decided to wait until they would. However, when we called the researchers upon arrival, they told us that the Orcas were still deep inside the fjord and showing no signs of being about to exit. We still decided to wait but instead of losing hope, decided to have the chocolate and see. Even so, the time came that we decided we could not wait any longer and started sailing away from the bridge. Then the phone rang. The Orcas had just passed under the bridge. We quickly turned the boat around and went back. And there they were, 7-8 of them, including a young calf that would only have been about a year old. They swam reasonably slowly, just as we would be walking after 6-7 hours of constant feeding, and so provided us with incredibly delightful views towards the end of a tour that had had its nerve-wracking moments of waiting.                 Baldur Guide

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