Jumping whales in both our locations!

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WOW! What a day on both our tours in both our whale watching places.
On both our tours out of Hólmavík today we got to see breaching humpback whales close to the boat! On the morning tour we saw three whales but the highlight was one which breached full out of the water twice close to the boat. On the afternoon tour we saw a breaching whale far away from us, but it kept breaching long enough for us to approach and see some amazing breaches just in front of the town of Drangsnes. Then we went to another whale which also breached twice before getting curious and blowing bubbles under the boat, giving us an amazing close look as it came over to check us out. Judith (Tour guide)

We had two wonderful tours at Snæfellsnes today! On our morning trip, we came
across a small group of white-beaked dolphins really early on into the tour. This sighting was then followed by sightings of several sperm whales in the deep water. Our afternoon tour was lucky enough to see both sperm whales and killer whales. The killer whales were travelling and socializing, with several breaches and lunges out of the water. A fantastic sighting! Marie (Spotter)

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