They appeared and disappeared in turn

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22/2/14  We managed to have two tours today despite the north-eastern and eastern wind that has been troubling us for the past days. We knew there would be almost no chance of getting over to Kolgrafafjörður but inside Grundarfjörður and at least try to venture outside would be fine and of course we have often had whales there. So off we went on the first tour and searched as far out as we dared. There was no luck at first but at the mouth of the fjord we got a call from Filipa, the head Orca researcher. She and her team had been looking out for Orcas from their base on land and spotted a pod inside Grundarfjörður that was heading out. So we turned around and put on full speed into the fjord and towards land while Julie, one of their team who had joined us on Brimrún, had Filipa on the phone giving us directions towards the pod and then conveyed her messages to our very own Captain Gísli. Locating the Orca pod was not easy, they appeared and disappeared in turn, but we did find them and managed to give the passengers what they had come for, which was wonderful, given that we have not been able to go out to sea in two days. Unfortunately we were not as lucky on the second tour as the whales had left. However, a young Common Seal, which appears to be a resident of Melrakkaey Island as it is often seen there, made our tour in turn.

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