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18/2/14 Our whale-watching began even before we left the harbour as Captain Skarphéðinn spotted 3 Orcas from the pier as we were preparing for departure at 9 in the morning! So when the time came to actually go out, we thought it would be almost too easy to find them again. While it didn‘t turn out to be as easy as that, we nonetheless managed to find the trio outside Grundarfjörður in the company of 8-9 others. They truly were whales on a mission for they were travelling at a fast rate of knots towards Kolgrafarfjörður. We kept them company along the way and they us for even if they knew clearly where they were going, they didn’t seem to mind interacting with the boat along the way and frequently bowrode! Then inside Kolgrafarfjörður we came across their relatives the White-beaked Dolphins which were only too willing to do the same and indeed they did for more than half an hour. To see two species on a tour is special, to have both bowriding is something in a class of its own! What a day!

We also had some amazing encounters on our second Láki Tours boat Brímrún this morning). Besides a lot of white-beaked dolphins we paralleled a group of killer whales in the sunlight. I chose this picture because it is such an excellent example of synchronized breathing and shows the strong family bonds in killer whales!


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