At least 40 orcas around the boat

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We just came back from an incredible orca day! Both our trips today had at least 40 orcas around the boat – they would come up in big groups, resting on the surface and recovering from longer feeding dives. We could observe males with tall dorsal fins, and juveniles with their mums close and far from the boat. They would often form resting lines and come up all together in front of the beautiful snow-capped mountains. Both tours had the orcas approaching the boat and making some close passes, and our morning tour also spotted two humpback whales on the way home. We are addicted to the black fins and want to see more of them on the next tours, so book your spots with us – we are still running winter trips until the 15th of April.
Marie (Tour Guide)

2.4.16   2.4.16.


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