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Sperm whale day

On both our tours today we went out to the eastern end of the deep water channel we have here in Breiðafjörður and came across a lone sperm whale out there feeding. On both tours we got to see this whale come up near the boat from a dive and watch him until he was ready to go back to the deep. Watching the tail come up high and slow is why we love having the sperm whales in our whale watching fjord at this time of year. 

On both trips we also got to see plenty of puffins and the beautiful northern gannets were often hanging around the boat, allowing us close looks. With their beautiful blue eyes and yellow-ish heads, they are one of the most beautiful seabirds we see.

On the afternoon tour we also got to briefly see a group of white-beaked dolphins, however they looked like they were feeding and were not interested in the boat.

Judith (Tour guide)

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