A pod of 5-7 Orcas

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23/1/14  We came upon a pod of 5-7 Orcas in somewhat choppy water just off Grundarfjörður and followed them for a while as they travelled in the direction of Kolgrafafjörður but then decided to pass them and be there first to see if there might be any others there already. We also wanted to get into calmer water. At the mouth of the fjord, we stared in to see if there might be any Orcas there but it wasn’t until we were very close to the bridge that we realized there were 2-3 of them present. However, those seemed busy feeding and wanting to be left in peace. But then we noticed that  two small groups had entered the fjord, in fact around the time when the Orcas are  normally seen leaving the fjord than entering it. Perhaps they wanted some afternoon snack? At any rate, a single White-tailed Eagle and a young Orca breaching once and spyhopping once (we didn’t get photos of it though as it happened so unexpectedly) made the time we spent in Kolgrafarfjörður a very special one.

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