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04/07/2017: On our three tours today we got to see three species on two of them. On both the first and third trips we saw humpback, Minke and pilot whales. On the middle tour we saw both the humpbacks and pilot whales.
First thing this morning we had stunning conditions where the sea was like a mirror. We could see our first humpback whale before we even threw the lines off to leave the harbour!
On the middle tour the whales were a little harder for us and we stayed out a bit longer to ensure that everyone on the boat got to see some of the pilot whales and a couple of nice humpback flukes.
On the third tour we got to see one of the pilot whales belly up, slapping its long pectoral fins on the water, showing us how their got their full name, the long-finned pilot whale. 

We get to see puffins every day here on the whale watch, and today we saw a lot of puffins out on the water. They are an added bonus! Judith (Tour guide)

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