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01/07/2017: Well, you certainly have to have a bit of luck often when you choose to go whale watching and our morning passengers today in Hólmavík certainly had that. With only three of them we had one jump from a humpback for each of them! We saw three breaches and a spectacular tail throw from one humpback, as well as another humpback and a close Minke whale.
Both afternoon tours we got to see one humpback whale and a new treat for our new whale watching here, a very playful group of white-beaked dolphins. On both tours the dolphins were quite active, riding the bow wave of the boat and spectacularly leaping out of the water. So the afternoon passengers also got to see leaping animals too! On the last tour we also saw a lunging Minke whale in the distance, and the dolphins playing around a humpback whale. If you enjoy being close to nature and the only boat around whales, come whale watching with Láki Tours at either of our beautiful destinations. What a day! Judith (Tour guide)

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