Sperm whales and white beaked dolphins

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03/07/2017: Both our whale watching tours out of Ólafsvík today were very successful. On our morning tour, we did not even have to go far into the deeper waters of Breidafjörður to spot a sperm whale – we found one right at the beginning of the tour! As we continued our journey, we soon also came across a playful pod of white-beaked dolphins that were leaping out of the water and approaching the bow of the boat. After we had then travelled along the peninsula for a while, we met orcas at the peninsula tip going South, and it was wonderful to watch them travelling parallel to the boat.
On our way home, we spotted dolphins once again! In the afternoon, we, once again, started out with the sperm whales – this time we got to see three beautiful flukes going up and down in front of our boat. This was followed by an amazing killer whale sighting with three core groups that we could observe actively hunting the herring. If you would like to try and find whales with us, you can come out on a trip tomorrow, either at 10am or 2pm!
Marie (Spotter)
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