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03/07/2017: Once again our three tours out of Hólmavík were very successful. We had humpback whales on all three tours, so we keep our 100% success rate with seeing them here, and we also saw pilot whales on the morning trip.
The morning started very calm and almost sunny! This made the sightings of the pilot whales and humpbacks stunning to photograph.
On both the afternoon tours we saw three humpback whales feeding not far below the surface. At times we could see them come up filtering water out of their baleen as they surfaced and we got some incredibly close looks at them as we just drifted, not moving the boat, and they surfaced next to us after a feeding dive, often then going straight back down for more. It’s good to see them looking like they are getting lots to eat in our fjord, Steingrímsfjörður. Do come and join us at 9.30, 14 or 16.30. Judith (Tour guide)

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