The calm after the storm

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It was the day of the black fins at Snæfellsnes today – not just of orcas, but also of basking sharks! This is great news as we hadn’t seen basking sharks on our trips for the last two years, but today our passengers on both trips were lucky to welcome them back! Both trips also had orca and sperm whale sightings, and our afternoon trip also spotted two Minke whales. What a day! Marie (Spotter)

What a stunning day we had in Hólmavík with the fjord like a lake and many humpback whales feeding in a small area. In the mirror conditions everything looks so beautiful, the clouds reflected in the water and the light on the whales. We found an area where there was food aplenty for the whales around 10-30m down and at least five humpbacks were there feeding on it. They were not travelling much and coming up regularly, sometimes right next to the boat. It was just incredible to drift in the fjord, surrounded by whales. There were also a couple of Minke whales around as well, but the humpbacks lifting their tails high, including our old friend ‘Example’, coming up with explosive breaths were the absolute highlight. What a treat after the wind we have had. Judith (Tour guide)

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