The whales don’t mind the weather!

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We had two wet and windy tours from Hólmavík today. The conditions were not easy to find whales, but we did see humpbacks on both tours. The whales were doing quite a lot of travelling today, but we did see a humpback breach in the distance on the morning tour. The afternoon tour was very lucky when a different whale breached twice while we were watching it travelling with a second whale. Judith (Tour guide)

We had one tour out of Ólafsvík today in the afternoon, and spotted two species – one sperm whale and several orcas! We could observe the sperm whale for some time as he had come up from a deeper dive right next to our boat. Interestingly enough, this sperm whale did not lift up the fluke when going for a longer dive again, but we were quickly distracted by looking at some orcas travelling spread out in Breidafjördur. We could watch them surf the waves a bit, which is always a spectacular sight. Marie (Spotter)

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