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27/1/14 The Orcas were not seen yesterday but were back at work today like we hoped they would. We encountered a pod of ~15 exiting Grundarfjörður as we were returning from watching dolphins off Kolgrafarfjörður on the first tour. On the second tour we saw what seemed to be three adults with a very young calf in front of Mount Eyrarfjall. We spent some quality time with them but then went off in search of others in a bit calmer water. There were a few Orcas in the mouth of Kolgrafarfjörður but they were elusive and spent a lot of time underwater, eventually going into water too shallow for us to enter. On the way back we were met by some dolphins that rushed towards us to bowride but, somewhat unusually, they had had enough after about 5 minutes. Often they engage in this game for more than 20 minutes but perhaps they had an agenda and just gave themselves time for a short play break; after all, who isn‘t busy on Mondays!

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