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25/06/2017: At last the weather was with us again and we got out on the water for three sunny whale watches today here in Hólmavík. On all three tours we saw a number of humpback whales. We saw many flukes high in the air on every tour. The whales today were doing some deep feeding in the fjord and were coming up often and lifting their tails high out of the water many times. We also got to see water pouring out of the mouths sometimes when they surfaced. The last tour was very lucky as we ended with three large humpbacks feeding together in front of the nearby town of Drangsnes. These whales surfaced a couple of times very close to the boat as they came up from a feeding dive. It was spectacular!
We regularly see a lot of puffins on the water here as well, as we have a large breeding colony nearby. Judith (tour guide)

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