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22/06/2017: We went on one tour today out of Hólmavík in the Westfjords, and could see the whales before we even left the harbour! We started in rain, but ended in beautiful sunshine and had our first three species day in Steingrímsfjörður. We started with a Minke whale only about two minutes from the harbour. We watched this whale for a while before moving to a humpback whale we saw blowing a little further away. We watched this whale lift its tail out of the water a number of times, as it was fluking up regularly as it fed in the deep waters of our fjord. We then moved on to a group of pilot whales we could see when with the humpback! There were around 100 pilot whales, spread out in three smaller groups. We got some great looks at the whales in very calm seas as they travelled next to us.
After a bit of a search around, we ended the tour with another quick look at the pilot whales and MInke, who were very close to the harbour by then. The amazing whales of Hólmavík are not disappointing us! Judith (Tour guide) 

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